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RuneScape Master Skillcape Perk & Player Owned Farm Preview

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To address RuneScape good value (worth raising the membership price) the RS team has shared many awesome updates coming this summer, like the Elite Dungeon (we have detailed it previously), RuneScape Master Skillcape Perk as well as Player owned farm (PoH). You can learn more and buy RuneScape gold here. 

What can you do on the Player owned farm (PoF)?

On the Player owned farm RuneScape, you will spend most of your time feeding the livestock, such as: 
1.choosing animals to place in your pens;
2.assisting them growing;
3.breeding them to create better beasts;
4.checking them for XP;
5.selling them at market;
6.retiring them while bringing in something bigger and better. 
Besides, the animals can be traded and you can gain access to global buffs for your farming runs and other relevant skills when getting hold of certain breeds. 
What is more, you will be working towards building up the farm to its full potential as well as unlocking everything it has to provide. And there are a great deal of rewards (plugging into farming and other skills) to be expected. It’s said the magic beans are the current favourites of the designers.  

Will the RS team only increase the Master Skillcape Perks?

According to the RuneScape Annual Survey, there are some projects highlighted, which will be prioritized by the RS team, including Master Skillcape Perk and the improvement of the current skillcape perk. And soon there will be a poll about whether you only want the perks on existing 120 skills. Please keep an eye on this. 

Apart from all of these updates, the RuneScape Solak will be released very, very soon. If interested, the F2P players can subscribe now to enjoy all of them at current membership prices in the near future. Above all, please remember you can buy RuneScape gold from us. 

The RSorder Team 

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