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Second Treasure Hunter to Win Older Holiday Items and XP Boosting Outfits

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Do you get what you want from Treasure Hunter already? Do you want to upgrade white item to a rare purple? Here is a second chance for you to intrude into RS Treasure Hunter from April 2 to 7, 2015. Take more RS gold to head towards for what you want!

Details about second Treasure Hunter

Valid date: from April 2 at 00:00 UTC to April 7 at 23:59 UTC, 2015.

Requirements: 10 Hearts of Ice each

Content: once you take a second chance, you will lose the original prize. Certainly, you will never be charged again for any frozen categories you may have locked out as well.

Besides, you will never get the same prize twice, and the chest will always provide you with different rs items. You can only reroll a prize ONCE.

Rewards and gains:

Before you start, you will be given 120 Hearts of Ice for free.

Besides, some older holiday-related items are brought back, like the Coin of Balance, and both enchanted and magical bunny eggs.

What’s more, the chance to win the Prayer-XP-boosting First Age outfits has also been increased.

second treasure hunter in RS

Should you cash out lucky items for RS gold?

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The RSorder Team 

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