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Specific Untradeable Items Kept on Death in OSRS PvM after Death Mechanic Change

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Jagex has made some temporary changes on Death Mechanics just only in Old School RS PvM, especially allowing you to keep some untradeable items in your inventory if you die. Some players have managed to test what untradeables are kept on death. It’s time to overcome all scruples and wage war with cheap RS 2007 gold.

Official changes on death mechanic

Jagex has announced that, for those who die out side of PvP, any non-tradable items will appear in their inventory. Besides, the amount of time the items are available on the floor for players have significantly increased already.

Specific untradeable items kept on death in PvM

With the recent death mechanic change, don't you want to know what untradeable items will be kept on death? Don’t be harsh, and someone else has tested for you already. It is sure that the following items are protected:

Abyssal Tentacle

Fury w/ kit

Odium w/ kit (assume malediction too)

Frozen abyssal whip (assume lava as well as painted d bows protect)

Rune pouch

Imbued rings, including Rings of God, updated with World Switcher in RS 2007

Void pieces(I assume torso/f cape/ defender is also protected)

Barrows Gloves

Slay Helm (i)

Zulrah items: blowpipe, serp helm, toxic trident, toxic staff

However, pets (cya Rex), God capes, Ava's devices, diary rewards are never kept once you die. Besides, barrows pieces still drop on death and degrade.

Additional statement for Mark of Grace rates

Mod Ash has confirmed that Marks of Grace rates are nerfed if your Agility level is a lot higher than the course's requires. Besides, it is certain that training Agility with the seers teleport never affect Marks of Grace rate. But the chance of getting a mark is tied to the time since you last got one and running round the course faster won’t help.

Definitely, it is good news for all rs 07 scapers to be able to keep some items on death. Besides, it is also worth mentioning that it is also the best time to buy RS 2007 gold with the cheapest price on RSorder because RSorder Profitless Sale is ongoing. Buy cheapest RS 2007 gold to take into battle now!


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