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Spend Summer Holiday in RS 3 Beach Party & RSorder Holiday Scaping

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With the close of World Event Tuska, it is time to enjoy life during the summer holiday, hanging out on the beach and sunbathing on the towels. It's cool, ha? Runescape Beach Party is in full swing now. You can get 50% off cheap runescape gold on RSorder Summer Holiday Scaping to enjoy beaching!

Relax yourself and train your skills on the beach

The Beach Party will last until the end of August. During this period, you can be able to relax with your friends and join in the featured activities, like:

Fight Clawdia which can scales to your life points down.

Build Sandcastles with the clues for Construction XP.

Fish at the rock pools to get some Fishing XP. Drop off the fish at the barbecue for extra XP.

Bust out the barbecue to earn Cooking XP.

Pick coconuts to get some farming XP, and then cast them at the coconut shy for extra XP.

Try the coconut shy to test your skills and earn Ranged XP.

Partaking in the activities will reward you with some handy items, like anti-sun option, ice cream cocktails, and a bunch of secret rewards for certain conditions. Certainly, you can also buy these rewards from the vendor for RuneCoins. Players can be able to both relax themselves and train skills on the beach. Spend your holiday there while buying rs3 gold cheap on RSorder.

Which one do you prefer, the Beach Party or Tuska?

When the Beach Party is open, many people can hardly wait to join it. The Beach Party is more social than Tuska of course. Tuska is aimed to the daily stab, and players earn points through slayer, agility or wc. However, in the Beach Party, people can meet some cool people, make some friends and take part in some new content together.

Tuska as a world event is rewarding, but the Beach Party also bears favorable rewarding comparison with Tuska. For this event, Jagex has brought back Barrels of Monkeys. If you have has 3 in your bank, you can be able to release monkey havoc, without worry abour limited quantities.

In addition to sunbathing, chatting and hanging out, boss and hidden secrets are all part and parcel of the fun. All these are paid off already. While enjoying your life with friends on the beach, you will also be able to get the cheapest RS3 gold for sale on RSorder Summer Holiday Scaping.


The RSorder Team

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