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The Queen of Thieves OSRS Guide with Walkthrough & Rewards

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The Novice Old School quest The Queen of Thieves requires players to infiltrate the gangs of Kourend to find the Queen of Thieves. Here is a guide to help you complete this quest easily and get rewards including OSRS Piscarilius favor certificate.

Requirement of The Queen of Thieves OSRS

The Queen of Thieves is a quest following on from Client of Kourend in the Great Kourend quest series. Here are its requirements:
Level 20 Thieving
20% Port Piscarilius favor
Completion of the Client of Kourend quest

OSRS The Queen of Thieves fast walkthrough

1. To start The Queen of Thieves quest, talk to Tomas Lawry outside the Port Piscarilius bank.
2. Directly west, talk to either the poor looking woman or man.
3. Find Robert O'Reilly in the building south of the poor looking folk. To get the stew he needs, buy a piece of meat with a potato from Kenelme's Wares, and buy a bowl from the general store. The stew can be cooked on the range in Robert's house.
4. Go east to find the entrance to the Warrens. Climb down the manhole, go south and head west over the two small bridges. Then talk to Devan Rutter.
5. Go back past the two bridges. Kill Conrad King when you see him on the dock. You can choose any option.
6. Go back and talk to Devan Rutter.
7. Enter the tent north of him and talk to the Queen of Thieves.
8. Go southwest to the house north in Kingstown. Climb the stairs to the 1st floor.
9. Pick the lock and search the chest in the east side of the room to find a letter.
10. Return to Tomas Lawry with the letter.
11. Return to Lady Shauna Piscarilius. Quest complete!

Rewards gained from The Queen of Thieves

After completing The Queen of Thieves quest, you can obtain the following rewards:
1 Quest point
2,000 coins
2,000 Thieving experience
Access to The Warrens
Piscarilius favor certificate, granting 10% OSRS Piscarilius favor
A page for Kharedst's memoirs, “The fisher's flute.”, which can teleport you to the centre of Port Piscarilius

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