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Tips & Strategies to Get RS Court Summons from Caskets & More

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Getting RS Court Summons means not just the fun of resolving case, but also means rewards. Take part in the Court Cases Distraction and Diversion, and get court summons from casket, Adamant dragon, and other resources. By the way, don’t forget to finish King's Ransom quest.

Introduction to court summons

RS Court Summons is an item carries a case assigned for you to resolve, and grant you certain rewards once you finish the case. Here are some tips if you want to obtain the item for rewards.
1.It is required to take part in the Court Cases Distraction and Diversion.
2.King's Ransom quest is required.
3.You can only have one court summons at a time. But by destroying an unwanted summons, you can obtain another one (you can use this method to get a specific reward you want).
4.Completing one case carried by a summons will stop it from appearing again.

Drop sources of court summons

Court summons can be obtained through a variety of ways. Check the following list to learn more.
1.Monster drops (like drops from Adamant dragon, and Abyssal demon).
2.Pickpocketing (like pickpocketing Al Kharid warrior, and Knight of Ardougne).
3.From Hard and Elite Treasure Trails (as a reward).
4.From the Giant Oyster (as a reward).
5.From Treasure turtle (as a reward).
6.Randomly from caskets.
7.Randomly from tier 4 and greater magical chests.
8.From the Dwarven instinct aura.

Strategies to get court summons from casket & more

1.Buying casket from the GE (costing 2508 coins each) is the quickest way to obtain court summons.
2.Obtaining the summons by opening magical chests (up to 7 per hour) from Dwarven instinct aura is also recommended if you reach a total level of 1401.
3.Killing Hill giants (found in Edgeville dungeonand resource dungeon) is also a good choice to win the summons as drops. Since it only requires medium level combat.
4.If you just reach medium Thieving level, Al Kharid warriors is a good target for pickpocketing, while players with 70 Thieving can pick Knights of Ardougne. 

Now take the tips for obtaining RS Court Summons, let’s head to places with casket, Adamant dragon. Last remainder, remember to get enough cheap RS gold after you finish the King's Ransom quest and join in Court Cases Distraction and Diversion.

The RSorder Team

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