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Tuska World Event Detailed Guide: Limitations & Specific Steps in RS 3

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Tuska has been available in RS, and the related guide spread everywhere. Today, here is a detailed guide for RS 3 World Event, featuring limitations in Tuska and steps to take down it. Take RS 3 gold cheap and follow this guide to partake in the world event now.


1. Limit for the spear main event: 1000 points.

You can complete it multiple times if you do not cap, however you will only receive 1k points totally. Once reaching 1k points, you can tell you are capped.

2. Limit for Fragments: UNLIMITED

Fragments are gained through the various skilling methods on Tuska.

3. Limit for experience from side events: Varies by level. About 80 minutes of skilling

Specific guide to take down Tuska

1. Getting there

Open the lodestone interface, click the magnifying glass in the top right, and click the Tuska button in the bottom right.

Note: you can buy this lodestone animation during the event for 1200 points. And you can learn the general guide for Tuska by clicking here.

2. Arrival

Upon arriving on Tuska, Wizard Chambers will talk to you. 1. Cut the green spines for WC xp, 2. Chop the blue spines and stand on them for Agility xp. 3. Slay the parasites for Slayer xp. All of these give a chance to pick up Tuska Fragments.

NOTE 1: Tuska Fragments can be collected and turned in to Wizard Chambers for 5 bonus points each.

NOTE 2: Lightning on the base of the blue spines means that particular spine is providing 10 times XP.

NOTE 3: During the spear event, you will not be able to participate in any of the skilling events for around 20 minutes.

3. Choosing a faction:

Once in the tuska area, you should choose your faction to trigger on as follow: choose option 1 "I am ", choose option 1 "Defender of gielinor", and choose Faction.

NOTE 1: Bree = Saradomin, Moia = Zamorak, Scopulus = godless, Kamiee = Armadyl.

NOTE 2: It does not matter which one you speak to, they will all allow you to change factions.

4. The main event:

The main event can be done every hour on the hour regardless of your point cap, however it only grants points for the first 1000. The idea of the main event is to complete certain tasks on an island till you reach 25% charge on the spear. This can be done in groups of 1-10 people. After you have maxed out your charge (25% on the first, 50% on the second, 75% on the third and 100% on the forth) you can no longer gain more charges from completing tasks on that island. Islands appear randomly.

Once you have completed all of the islands, you will be transported to Tuska's face. Run south and climb the tooth. Find an open spot and stab her weak spot. Assuming you aligned with a faction, you will proclaim glory in your god's name and be transported back to the starting lodestone.

5. Rewards:

All previous warpriest sets are available during this event as well as the new Tuska set. And also World Event 3 rewards will be available after the event. Certainly, if you need some RS 3 items to defeat Tuska, you can buy RS 3 item cheap on RSorder.

In addition, the 1k per day cap is not set in stone, you should know. It is only limited to the event to charge the godspear. To return, World Event Tuska is tough to deal with actually. What tactics do you apply for? Anything useful do you want to share with others? Discuss with players on RSorder Facebook.


The RSorder Team


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