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Unlock Required Music Tracks to Equip Music Cape in RS 07

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The music cape has been a request in RS. Now the mighty cape has been available in Old School, and even Ironmen can get the music cape after unlocking two Trawler songs. Besides, fully customizable F-Keys are also introduced in rs 2007. Take your 2007 RS gold to enjoy the game now! 

music cape in rs 2007

Equip the music cape by unlocking all non-holiday music tracks

After much deliberation, the requirements to equip the music cape are decided: player must unlock all the music tracks except for the holiday event tracks. After that, they need to visit Olaf the Bard in Rellekka to purchase their cape, which costs 99,000 coins like other capes. But why do players have to visit Olaf the Bard to purchase capes, rather than any others? Answer it on RSorder Facebook Top Post, and you will get a chance to be rewarded free 07 RS gold.

Along with the cape comes the air guitar emote, which is unlocked when you first purchase the music cape. And you don’t need to wear the cape to perform the music emote.

Requirements for the trimmed Music Cape

In the update, it never mentioned about the requirements to unlock the trimmed music cape. But actually, all requirements were set half a month ago. This time, Jagex reiterated that only after all the diaries are done can you unlock the trimmed music cape. As for the holiday tracks, you can unlock them the next time the corresponding holiday event comes around. 

Ironmen are allowed to unlock two trawler songs

As we all know, Ironmen cannot take part in Pest Control and Blast Furnace and work other players, but they are not allowed the fishing trawler minigame. It happened that some Ironmen failed to equip the music cape for having no enough music.

For this issue, Jagex has announced that Ironmen can unlock the two Trawler songs by trying to board the ship.

Other hot updates along with the music cape

1. Fully customizable F-Keys. You can decide which F-Key you would like to open each side panel and whether you would like the Esc key to close any interface by opening the menu in the setting tab.

2. Call servant using the house option menu. When you are in your player-owned house, you can use this option in setting. Before that, you have to have a bell pull placed somewhere in your house.

With the release of the music cape, many people would be busy unlocking music tracks now. To make you fully dedicated to the game, RSorder has found a more convenient way to buy rs 2007 gold on our site. Currently, paying with Alipay on RSorder, you will automatically obtain an extra 3% discount for your order. Enjoy!


The RSorder Team 

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