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Various Thoughts and Opinions for RS Legacy Combat from Players

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RS legacy combat

Since the changes of runascape legacy combat so far, players are having lots of things to say. Especially, for some EOC haters, would this make the game fun again for you? We have collected various thoughts and opinions for rs legacy combat from players here, and if you have some different opinions, feel free to post it on our Facebook.

The legacy combat shouldn’t affect EOC

In the original legacy poll it was stated would not affect EOC at all. While legacy is not directly changing EOC, the combat beta along with special attacks and the proposed changes to armor hp boosts, absorption, and strength bonus all affect EOC.
For example, they changed how damage worked making basic abilities hit baby mode damage 380s as a low and 1.5k at max when prior the min hit would be around 800+.

RS needs new blood and players

A big issue for many people is that they are rewarding laziness and people who don't play anymore. They say that the damage will be the same? If the damage of legacy is the same rate as using abilities, that is extremely unfair.
If they are trying to bring back people who quit with EOC, it won’t work. It won't be the same as before.
The business model of trying to regain past customers that already quit and are very close to the end of the average gamer’s age is terrible. At best it will cause a small boost and then lead to the death of the game.
RS need to get new players to keep the game alive, and wasteful things like 07 and legacy do not help that at all.

The legacy combat is no need at all

There's no good reason to invest additional resources into potato combat when there are already Revolution, Momentum, and the entire game of 07scape for those who dislike the modern combat system. Besides, balancing bosses in two combat systems is going to be a nightmare.

What will be your choice if it is re-polled? If there is something else you’d like to share with us, RSorder Facebook will always open for you. Besides, you have the chance to earn yourself many benefits on RSorder Facebook. Make yourself at home on RSorder Facebook.

The RSorder Team

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