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What Are Some Good Motivators That Keep You Playing RS?

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Since RS has been released in such a long time, lots of elder players left and lots of new players came. For someone who has been staying since the beginning, there must be some good motivators that keep them playing. Are you one of them? If you do, what’s your motivator?

New 120 capes can be a goal

RS 120 capes

You need to make your goal. Maybe do some bosses, play some minigames, try to get some new gear, set exp targets. There are a lot of choices.
The new 120 capes are a nice lofty target that you can strive for, or getting the hybrid armor sets. So aim for some 120 capes such as slayer would be a good choice.

Making friends can be fun

Aim for trim, most of it can be boring but you can meet a bunch of new friends along the way. Meanwhile, join an active clan and get involved! There are so many out there full of people who'd love to get to know you and complete activities with you. Also, there are some clans which have weekly skilling competitions and events. It will be fun!

Monetary goals can also be a good choice

RS gold

RS gold is always attractive for any players. Aim for monetary goals can also be a good choice, such as that partyhat you've always wanted but never had to the time to get due to grinding skills.
Besides, if you need help, our site for cheap RS gold selling is always here for you. If you need, we can also provide you with a huge discount code to make sure you get the gold with the cheapest price and the fastest delivery.

Although RS is fun enough for playing all day, don't play for hours and hours without standing up and taking a walk. All of our organs need to take breaks. If you're bored, go do something else that's fun. If you have better motivators want to share, feel free to post it on RSorder Facebook. Jagex would be so proud to have fans like you guys.

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The RSorder Team

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