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What RuneScape Combat Benefits can You Enjoy on Aug 10 to Aug 13?

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The RuneScape Combat Summer Weekend 2018 is starting in a few hours, and have you learned the benefits you can gain during this weekend? If not, please take a close look and purchase RuneScape mobile gold from our site. 

Combat bonuses during Summer Weekend 

From 12:00 UTC on Aug 10 to 12:00 UTC on Aug 13, 2018 there are a variety of Combat benefits for you to enjoy during the Summer Weekend event, which include:
1.Receiving one more charm than usual from charm drops;
2.Chance of gaining rare drops and enhanced ring of wealth increased;
3.Treating all Slayer assignments as using a Slayer VIP ticket;
4.Winning 50% additional anima from Shattered Worlds;
5.Instance fees reduced by 10%;
6.Ability to loot from Mazcab Raids once every day;
7.Gaining more training points from Boss training;
8.Ability to choose your Boss Slayer assignments through the weekend;
9.Slayer experience increased by 50%.
Please note that the final bonus is not available for Ironman players. 

RuneScape mobile gold for sale on RSorder

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All in all, have a nice weekend with the above Combat bonuses as well as cheap RuneScape mobile gold from us. 

The RSorder Team 

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