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Win RS Adrenaline Crystal in Slayer Bounty from Master Mandrith

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After the removal of the Hunter Bounty, the Mandrith has become the Slayer master of the Slayer Bounty, where you can fight monsters in wilderness to win RuneScape Adrenaline Crystal. Check what you should notice when accept assignment from him.

Note to receiving assignment from Mandrith in slayer bounty

The slayer creature in the Slayer bounty includes most regular slayer creatures you can see in Wilderness. During your assignments to kill them, besides other rules you may see in other slayer tasks, in the slayer bounty, you may also need to pay attention to the following points:
1.Tasks in Slayer bounty can only be obtained from Mandrith.
2.Slayer tasks from Mandrith must be completed in the Wilderness, including its underground parts.
3.In the Slayer bounty, you must complete your tasks at hand before you can get a bounty.

Adrenaline Crystal & more rewards from Mandrith

1.Adrenaline crystal: 
As a reward from Slayer Bounties, the adrenaline crystal can either be bought from the Slayer Bounty & Deathmatch Reward Shop (with 1,000 points for ten), or be obtained as drops from the Wilderness shared loot table. It can be added to upgrade adrenaline potion or replenishment potion respectively into a super adrenaline potion or enhanced replenishment potion.
2.Slayer points:
You can gain the same amount of Slayer points from Mandrith as you did from Morvran.
3.Bounty emblem:
If you do not possess a Bounty emblem, you will be rewarded with one after you compete a task.
If you have had an emblem, you’ll instead gain 100 potential on your emblem, which, once reached the required potential, will be upgraded. 

Meet the Slayer Master Mandrith to get assignments in Slayer Bounty, and win RuneScape adrenaline crystal, bounty emblem and more rewards using the cheap RuneScape gold for sale from us.

The RSorder Team

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