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Nightmare Zone Reward Points 1500K

Nightmare Zone Reward Points 1500K

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Quick Overview
  • Requirements:

    1. 43+ Prayer

    2. 5+ suggested quests completed:

    Vampire Slayer, The Grand Tree, Tree Gnome Village, Mountain Daughter, Holy Grail, Fight Arena, Lost City and In Search of the Myreque.

    3. 2.3M OSRS Gold

    4. Have he best melee weapon you can wield in bank or inventory.

    5. Time: 14-16 hours


Most players spend the os rs nightmare zone reward points on imbuing Black mask, Slayer helmet, Salve amulet and some rings for increasing stats.

Item Points required
Black mask (imbued) 1,250,000
Slayer helmet (imbued) 1,250,000
Salve amulet (imbued) 800,000
Salve amulet (e) (imbued) 800,000
Ring of suffering (imbued) 725,000
Berserker ring (imbued) 650,000
Warrior ring (imbued) 650,000
Archers ring (imbued) 650,000
Seers ring (imbued) 650,000
Tyrannical ring (imbued) 650,000
Treasonous ring (imbued) 650,000
Ring of the gods (imbued) 650,000
Granite ring (imbued) 500,000
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