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A Taste of Hope(OSR)

A Taste of Hope(OSR)

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  • Time: 5 hours


    Quests: Darkness of HallowvaleIn Aid of the MyrequeIn Search of the MyrequeNature SpiritPriest in PerilRestless Ghost

    Skills: Level 48 Crafting, Level 45 Agility, Level 40 Attack, Level 40 Herblore, Level 38 Slayer. For boss fightings,  60+ attack, strength and defense are recommended.


    • Ivandis flail - A weapon that can damage the vyrewatch
    • Drakan's medallion - An amulet that can teleport players to the Theatre of Blood
    • Tome of experience, granting 2,500 experience to any three skills of the player's choosing (level 35 or over). Can be the same skill.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


For many years, the Myreque have fought back against the reign of the Drakans. To many, they act as a glimmer of hope in an otherwise miserable existence. In recent times, the Myreque have been beset by disaster, with numerous members meeting a gruesome end at the hands of Vanstrom Klause, the brutal henchman of the Drakans. However, while the Myreque may be in their darkest hour, hope still remains. Thanks to a recent discovery in the laboratories deep beneath Meiyerditch, the Myreque may have finally found a way to take the fight to the vampyres.

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