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Animal magnetism(OSR)

Animal magnetism(OSR)

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 1.5 hours 


    Quests: The Restless Ghost, Ernest the Chicken, Priest in Peril

    Skills: Level 18 Slayer, Level 19 Crafting, Level 30 Ranged, Level 15 Thieving, Level 35 Woodcutting


    • 1,000 Crafting experience
    • 1,000 Fletching experience
    • 1,000 Slayer experience
    • 2,500 Woodcutting experience
    • Ava's device (Ava's attractor or Ava's accumulator)

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Tips, tricks & notes:

•Should you lose the attractor, you will need to buy another for 999 gp from Ava. If you had an accumulator, you will have to upgrade the new attractor with 75 steel arrows.

•Both the attractor and the accumulator will pick up arrows you fire! This works best when it does not have to go around obstacles.

•The accumulator has a range attack bonus of +4 and a magic defence bonus of +4. The attractor has a range attack bonus of +2 and a magic defence bonus of +2. They are effectively range "capes" for the average player!

•When wearing Ava's attractor, iron items (usually arrows) will generate in your inventory randomly. When wearing Ava's accumulator, it will instead be steel items.

•Arrows which the attractor or accumulator gather will automatically be equipped unless you have another type of arrow equipped.

•Ava's attractor and accumulator generate more items when you are in motion than when you are not.

•If you have over 50 range, Ava's attractor can be upgraded to an accumulator. If you have over 50 range prior to completing the quest, you will automatically get Ava's accumulator.

•These devices will only function on members' worlds.

•As stated in the quest, blessed axes cannot be used for woodcutting.

•Turael will make more blessed axes for you after the quest, if you provide materials.

•Buttons can be obtained from pickpocketing HAM members, from the Digsite, or from Trawler fishing.

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