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Fremennik Trials, The(OSR)

Fremennik Trials, The(OSR)

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 4 hours


    Skills: Level 40 woodcutting, 40 crafting, 25 fletching and be able to defeat one level 69 enemy. If you want the Fremennik sword, at least lvl 43 prayer is a must.


    2812.4 Agility XP, 2812.4 Attack XP, 2812.4 Crafting XP, 2812.4 Defence XP, 2812.4 Fishing XP, 2812.4 Fletching XP, 2812.4 Hitpoints XP, 2812.4 Strength XP, 2812.4 Thieving XP, and 2812.4 Woodcutting XP. A Fremennik name, ability to speak and trade with Fremennik villagers, steal from thier stalls, and use their facilities. Ability to make an Enchanted lyre, access to Miscellania and Etceteriae. Right to wear to wear Berserker helm, Warrior helm, Farseer helm, Archer helm, and Spined armor

    Quest points gained upon completion: 3


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • If you go back to Olaf the Bard he will tell you if you make another sacrifice to Fossegrimen, she will give you a special song that can teleport you to Rellekka (1 Raw Shark gets 2 teleport charges, raw Sea turtle gets 4, and raw Manta ray gets 3). If you have the Ring of Charos(a) you can offer a raw bass to Fossegrimmen
  • in place of a shark.
  • You can now make purchases at each of the shops and market stalls. You can change your character's basic boot colour by paying Yrsa a fee.
  • You can now buy and wear (with a requirement of 45 defence) the four Fremennik helmets: Berserker, Warrior, Archer and Farseer for 78,000 gp each at Skulgrimen's Helmet Shop (also sells warhammers), north of the Fremennik Longhall.
  • You can now use any of Rellekka's assets (the mining area, the sandpit, the furnace, the anvils, the spinning wheels, the pottery ovens, and the fishing spots).
  • You can now thieve from the market stalls (watch out for the guards, stall owners, and the occasional watchman!)
  • You can ride the boats to Miscellania and Etceteria, Lunar Isle, and the Fremennik Isles (the boat to Waterbirth island is available to all, including non-Fremenniks).
  • You can pay certain Fremenniks to make Waterbirth Island armour from Dagannoth hides and specific dropped pieces. Skulgrimen at the helm shop makes rock-shell (melee) armour, Peer the Seer makes skeletal (maging) armour, and Sigli the Hunter makes spined (ranging) armour. 
  • You can skip making the lyre by killing the Fremennik citizens (Lensa etc.) to get the lyre as a drop.
  • The Fremennik Blade and shield can also be acquired by killing Fremennik citizens and guards.

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