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Great Brain Robbery, The(OSR)

Great Brain Robbery, The(OSR)

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 3.5 hours


    Quests: Creature of Fenkenstrain, Cabin Fever, Recipe For Disaster - Pirate Pete

    Skills: Level 16 Crafting, Level 30 Construction, Level 50 Prayer


    • Access to a new allotment farming patch
    • Barrelchest anchor
    • Prayer book
    • Blessed lamp
    • 6,000 Prayer Experience
    • 2,000 Construction Experience
    • 3,000 Crafting Experience

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • The Blessed lamp will give you 5,000 Experience in the skill of your choice.
  • Use the Barrelchest anchor on the pirate Smith, located on Mos Le'Harmless docks, and he will fix it for 230,000gp. You must have a Book o' Piracy (obtained from Bill Teach if lost) in order to understand him.
  • When wearing a holy symbol, you can recite the prayer in the prayer book to cure any poison at the cost of a few prayer points.
  • If you lose the prayer book, you can re-obtain it from the Monastery near Edgeville (bookcase in southwest corner of ground floor), or from a bookshelf in your player owned house.
  • Should you try to leave the granary without the diving apparatus and fishbowl helmet at any time the island is gassed, you will pass out and the monks will drag you back in. Once you have exited, you cannot take off either.
  • The ectophial is excellent for going through this quest quickly, as it teleports you near to Doctor Fenkenstrain and Bill Teach for easy access to Mos Le'Harmless 
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