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Lost Tribe, The(OSR)

Lost Tribe, The(OSR)

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 4 hours


    Skills: 17 mining, 13 agility, 13 thieving

    Quests: Rune Mysteries and Goblin Diplomacy.


    • 3000 mining xp
    • Ring of life
    • Freedom to use the Dorgeshuun Mines
    • H.A.M robes
    • The ability to use the goblin dance and goblin bow emotes

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Tips, tricks & notes:


  1. There is a handy new shortcut to Juna (Tears of Guthix). Once in the cellar mine to the east to get in the caves, walk southwest and mine to get in the swamp caves. Then run due south and you will arrive at the stream you have to cross to get to the cave with Juna inside. This is a lot faster than walking from Draynor, plus no wall beasts.
  2. The new mines are also a good place to do power mining. Mistag buys both Iron and Silver ore at a minimal price, and therefore you don't need to drop your ore or hire runners. Just mine, sell the ores to Mistag, rinse, and repeat.
  3. The level 11 miners drop Mining helmets. You can also get one mining helmet by giving the brooch to Mistag. Once lit (takes 65 firemaking), the helmets light the place up. Since you can wear these helmets, you need not bring a Tinderbox, and therefore you save one space of inventory. However, the mining helmets cannot be traded when lit, so you'll need level 65 firemaking no matter what for these. 
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