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Monkey Madness(OSR)

Monkey Madness(OSR)

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 3 hours


    Skills: Prayer level 43 highly recommended(especially for pures), Able to Defeat a Level 195 Demon(ranging is better for fighting).
    Quests: The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village.


    • 10,000gp
    • 3 Diamonds
    • Ability to wield Dragon Scimitar
    • Approach Daero to train you in Attack/Defence and Strength/Hitpoints (35,000 exp each for the skills you choose, and 20,000 exp each for the others)

    Quest points gained upon completion: 3


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • It's said to be easier to find tall grass that will hide you if you play Runescape in the low detail mode.
  • If you get stuck in Ape Atoll city without teleporting devices, you can always use the home teleport in your magic book. There is also a ladder in the southeastern corner of the village that will lead you to a place where you can jump and exit the city.
  • If you lose the sigil before defeating the demon, you can get one back from Waymottin (who is at the end of the Marim Dungeon). Might as well get several, just in case.
  • If you lose a monkey greegree or monkey speak amulet, the only way to get it back is to get it again by following all of the steps that you did originally.
  • Keep your greegree for the Recipe for Disaster quest. RFD requires 3 different greegrees, so consider bringing the proper bones (and an equal number of monkey talismans) with you on any visit to Zooknock in the dungeon. It's easiest (but still difficult!) to navigate the dungeon as a monkey.
  • Wielding a monkey greegree and wearing an M'speak amulet, you can use any of the shops in Marim (in addition to food, crafting items, scimitars and runes, they also sell spare quest items: talismans, dentures and amulet moulds, but the stock of dragon scimitars will be zero until you complete the quest.)
  • After the quest, it is possible to purchase and wield a Dragon Scimitar from the scimitar shop for 100,000 gp.
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