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Rag and Bone Man (PART 1)(OSR)

Rag and Bone Man (PART 1)(OSR)

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 2 hours

    Required: None


    • 500 Cooking experience
    • 5,500 Prayer experience (500exp for the first section, 5000exp for the second)
    • A Bonesack or a Ram Skull Helmet

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • Your ingame quest journal shows a list of bones you still need to get.
  • To make brutal arrows, you are required to fletch achey shafts. Each shaft requires 4 feathers to be flighted. Together with a hammer, you attach nails to the shafts. Each bar produces 15 nails.
  • You can change or retrieve your Bonesack or Ram Skull Helmet from the Odd Old Man whenever you want.
  • Bonesack: All defence stats +4, no other stats, wields in cape slot (it is only a cape that looks like the bonesack that guy is carrying, it does nothing else).
  • Ram Skull Helmet: Defence stats: Stab +19, Slash +21, Crush +16, Range +19 (and -2 to range attack stat). Wields in helmet slot
  • The required bones are NOT the normal bones they drop, but a special, non-bury-able bone that you can only get after starting the quest. This also means that you can't acquire any of these bones before starting the quest, even for the monsters with unique bones (such as Monkey Bones or Bat Bones).
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