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Recipe For Disaster - Subquest 2 : Pirate Pete(OSR)

Recipe For Disaster - Subquest 2 : Pirate Pete(OSR)

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 2 hours


    Skill: 31 Cooking


    - 1 Quest Point
    - 1,000 Cooking, Fishing, Smithing, Crafting XP
    - Access to the Mogre Camp



  1. Murphy drops you off at the underwater Mogre Camp. First look for green plants (Kelp) and pick one.
  2. Go to the room to the north and talk to Nung, he will tell you to get mudskipper hides.
  3. Go north west and pick up the stones until you can't do it any more. Then enter the cave next to the rocks. Kill five mudskippers and pick up their hides.
  4. Then exit the cave and go north east to the swimming ogres. Talk to Nung and give him the hides. He needs a needle and three bronze wires. Give them to him.
  5. Go pick five stones and enter the pen with crabs. Kill a giant crab and grab its meat.
  6. Now that you've gotten all the ingredients, you have two choices: you can just teleport if you are standing on ground in the crab pen and can access your inventory. If you aren't, you can swim back to the anchor and climb up.
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