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Tears of Guthix(OSR)

Tears of Guthix(OSR)

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 1hours


    Skills: 49 Firemaking, 20 Crafting, 20 Mining.


    • 1,000 Crafting XP
    • Access to the Tears of Guthix Minigame

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • The Tears of Guthix Activity can be played once a week - your ingame quest journal will say if you can play yet. With nothing wielded, speak to Juna to enter the cave. Click once on the rocks with the blue streams to gain points; be sure to avoid the green streams, which take away points. See the Tears of Guthix Activity Guide for more information.
  • The higher the score you get, the more experience you'll get towards your lowest leveled skill (but you can only gain experience in the Construction skill if it is your lowest leveled skill and you also own a house).
  • Having more quest points will allow you to spend more time in the Activity cave.
  • You might want to bring an antipoison just in case the Cave crawlers poison you in the Lumbridge Caves.
  • If you have started the Lost Tribe quest, and have used a pickaxe to mine through the wall, you can walk from Lumbridge castle cellar straight south to visit Juna without needing a spiny helmet (no wall beasts on this route). 
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