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The Forsaken Tower(OSR)

The Forsaken Tower(OSR)

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  • Time: 1 hours   


    Skills: None

    Quests: Client of Kourend

    Others: 20% Lovakengj House favour


    500  Mining experience
    500  Smithing experience
    6,000 coins
    Lovakengj favour certificate. Reading it grants 10% Lovakengj favour. It is suggested to abstain from doing so if you are progressing towards locking the favour of other houses.
    A page for Kharedst's memoirs, 'Jewellery of jubilation.' It teleports players near the Lovakengj House.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


For thousands of years, the Wintertodt has remained safely sealed behind the great Doors of Dinh. Alas, despite the best attempts of the Lovakengj smiths and the Arceuus mages, the doors are failing. Only Dinh himself knew the secrets behind the creation of these doors. Without his knowledge, there may be nothing to stop the Wintertodt escaping and bringing ruin upon Kourend. It is up to you to recover this knowledge.

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