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Tourist Trap, The(OSR)

Tourist Trap, The(OSR)

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 2 hours


    Skills: Level 10 Fletching, 20 Smithing. Be able to kill a level 47 Mercenary Captain.


    • Access to the mining camp.
    • 4,650 experience x 2 in a choice of Agility, Fletching, Smithing or Thieving
    • Ability to smith darts.
    • Wrought iron key

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • There is a jug of wine on the captain's desk which heals 110 LP. It respawns decently rapidly and can come in handy if you run low on food.
  • There is also a respawn of a bowl of water on the first floor of the jail if you are stuck dying of thirst.
  • If you wear desert robes and boots in the beginning, and no other armour, the guards won't throw you in jail. If the guards throw you out into the desert, they will take away your waterskins!
  • You can wield a pickaxe without the guards recognizing it as a weapon and attacking you.
  • Remember to hang on to your metal key to the Desert Mining Camp. You will need your key to get into the mining camp to access the ores there, and some Treasure Trails clues require you to enter the mine. If you lose your key after the quest, you can get another one from the Mercenary Captain by killing him.
  • If you lost the wrought iron key, you may regain it by searching the tables in the building where the bowl of water and jug of wine are. 
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