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Underground Pass(OSR)

Underground Pass(OSR)

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 6 hours


    Quests: Biohazard

    Skills: Level 25 Ranged, Good Agility and Thieving Skills (Level 50+ Recommended), Be able to kill three level 91 demons.

    Reward: 3,000 Agility exp

    3,000 Attack exp

    15 Death Runes 30 Fire RunesIban's staff and ability to cast Iban Blast

    Quest points gained upon completion: 5


Tips, tricks & notes:
Iban's staff casts 120 Iban Blasts before needing to be recharged. It can be recharged at the Flames of Zamorak, slightly past the paladins in the Underground Pass.
Kamen, an NPC found in the Dwarven Camp, will provide an unlimited supply of food to players who speak to him. However, players who accept the offer will have their Agility *temporarily* reduced by a few levels every time they receive additional pieces of food. This effect can be dangerous since successfully traversing the bridge overhangs within the Underground Pass is dependent on a player's Agility level. Alternatively, you can refuse to drink his brew and pay 75gp for some food.

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