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  • Time: 4 hours


    Quests: Priest In Peril, Recruitment Drive, Rune Mysteries and The Lost Tribe (though if you get lucky and do not get a bone spear as a clue, then The Lost Tribe will not

    be needed). And you need at least 32 quest points.

    Enough teleport runes to teleport you to Varrock, Ardougne and Lumbridge or some gold for buying the runes.


    5,000 slayer experience
    Access to the White Knight Armoury

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1



Should you accept Sir Amik Varze's offer to become his squire at the beginning of the quest, simply speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien to continue on.
If you talk to Sir Amik Varze for the first time while wearing initiate armour, you will get an amusing little quip about how much you like the armour.
After finishing the quest you can buy White Armour from Sir Vyvin. You'll find Sir Vyvin on the 3rd floor of the White Knight's Castle, on the East side.
To get better weapons and armour you need to raise your White Knight rank by killing Black Knights. You will start at the Novice level. Killing White Knights will lower your rank. Your current rank can be seen in your in game quest journal.

Rank Kills required New shop items
Unranked 0-99 none
Novice 100 Chainbody, Platelegs
Peon 200 Dagger, Shortsword
Page 300 Med helm, Plateskirt, Sq Shield
Noble 500 Longsword, Mace, Magic staff
Adept 800 Boots, Full helm, Gloves, Kiteshield, Platebody
Master 1300 2h sword, Battleaxe, Claws, Halberd, Scimitar, Warhammer
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