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OSR - Barbarian Assault - Reward : Roll Mastery (All roles level 5)

OSR - Barbarian Assault - Reward : Roll Mastery (All roles level 5)

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    Skills: A minimum of 40 strength, 40 attack, 40 defense & 50 HP.

    Armours: Rune armour set and rune scimitar or better. Games necklace and no cape on or other item in inventory.

    Time: About 16 hours or longer depends on the skills level.

Players may upgrade the level in a particular role from Level 1 up to Level 5. By upgrading their levels, the player gains extra abilities such as extra damage, higher healing, etc. However, each upgrade requires spending a certain amount of Honour Points. A total of 1,400 Honour Points are needed to obtain a Level 5 role. 5,600 points are required to obtain Level 5 in all roles. Obtaining the maximum level in all roles is one of the requirements needed to complete the Elite Kandarin Diary. Abilities gained by upgrading: Collector - increase the capacity of the Collection bag and gain the ability to use the egg converter. Healer - increase Hitpoints healed. Attacker - increase damage dealt to Penance Fighters and Penance Rangers. Defender - increase the lure range for Penance Runners.
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