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What is the OSRS Fresh Start Worlds?

Fresh Start Worlds (FSW) is a limited-time game mode in a fresh world with a new economy and Grand Exchange. It is a seasonal event that will transferred over on April 19th, 2023.

Any new content released in the main game during this time will be added to Fresh Start Worlds. Fresh Start Worlds feature increased experience rates, in-game buffs, a separate Grand Exchange economy, and rewards that can be transferred to another account at the end of the event, including ironman mode accounts. Fresh Start Worlds characters cannot return to the Fresh Start Worlds event once they are transferred to the main game.

The majority of rewards from Fresh Start Worlds will be available again in the future.

OSRS Fresh Start Worlds Gold

OSRS FSW Gold is the main currency type of Fresh Start Worlds. Players can use FSW OSRS GP to buy OSRS FSW items quickly in the Grand Exchange system and you can even sell OSRS FSW Gold. OSRS FSW Gold has trading value on Fresh Start Worlds. You can get different amounts of FSW Gold by exploring and doing quests.

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