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Penguin Hide and Seek

Penguin Hide and Seek

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  • We will help you finish the penguins finding and get you the penguin points. 

    Note: We may can not get all the points if your account doesn't meet the requiments for getting to the penguin location.


Penguin Hide and Seek is an activity which has you going around RuneScape searching for disguised penguins. These penguins can look like a bush, a rock, or even a cactus. They will constantly be on the move, so if you wish to find them, you too must be quick. With rewards like GP or experience in a skill of your choosing, that should be reason enough to try and find some. You may even get lucky and have one bump into you!

To start Penguin Hide and Seek, speak with Larry at Ardougne Zoo. Even if you don't plan on hunting them, you should speak with him anyway, because you might find one unintentionally. The concept of Penguin Hide and Seek is a simple one. There are various penguins scattered around RuneScape every week, and your job is to find them. They are distinctive because you can click on the penguin to "Spy-on" it. You earn 1 Penguin Point for every penguin you spy on. After completing the Cold War quest, harder to reach penguins will give you 2 points. Remember that because they are very small and have disguises that blend into their surroundings, they can be almost anywhere.

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