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  • RS 3 Gold 202M
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $39.59

  • OS 30000K+Free 300K
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $27.59

  • OSR 40att 80str 1def
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $35.00

  • Obsidian armour set

    The quest The Brink of Extinction must be completed. And higher combat stats are recommended.

    It may take 12 hours or longer to get the helm. The set contains: Obsidian gloves, Obsidian boots, Obsidian warrior helm, Obsidian mage helm, Obsidian ranger helm, Obsidian kiteshield, Obsidian platelegs/Obsidian plateskirt and Obsidian platebody. Please let us know what you want, legs or skirt.

  • $19.44

  • TokHaar Kal - New Fire Cape (Magic)

    Skills requirements: 

    80+ attack, strength & mage, 70+ defense, 70+ranged, 60+ prayer and 67+summoning.

    Items requirement:

    Fire cape (If you did not played this mini game before.)

    Karil's set, 1000bolt rack, Karils x-bow, Ganodermic set, polypore staff, Guthan's set, any Godsword, Amulet of glory & Tokkul-zo.

    4  prayer renewal flask(6), 6  super  restore flask(6), 20 saradomin brew flask(6) & 4  war tortoise pouches.

    Quest requirement: The Elder Kiln.

  • $26.99

  • Champion's Challenge

    We will help you to fight the Boss if you have had a champion's scroll drop.

  • $4.99

  • Woodsman

    You need to kill 225 birds to get it.
  • $4.25

  • Forester

    You need to kill 400 birds to get it.
  • $7.56

  • Bowmaster

    You need to kill 700 birds to get it.
  • $13.24

  • Ogre Expert

    You need to kill 1000 birds to get it.
  • $18.91

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