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Buyers and Cellars

Buyers and Cellars

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Quick Overview
  • Time:1 hours



    Skill:5 Thievin


    3 Thieves' guild pamphlets,

    access to the Thieves Guild,

    and the ability to collect Hanky Points.

    Quest points: 1



Tips, tricks & notes:

•After the first subquest, speak with Urist Loric ask him about his Talisman, you'll then steal a Craftman's Monocle from his back-pocket; this is an additional, cosmetic reward.
•In the second subquest, avoid Rogues if at all possible. You don't even need to pickpocket from them if you can pickpocket the other six inhabitants!
•Hanky points can be obtained after gaining access to the guild through various training methods. You receive approximately ten times your thieving level in experience for each Hanky point.
•Vials of stench can be used to fence recently shoplifted goods, for example, buying or selling from the baker in Ardougne just after stealing from the cake stall. After the third subquest, you can make your own vials of stench. They will need to be enchanted by Robin in the thieving guild before you can use them.

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