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Catapult Construction

Catapult Construction

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 2 hours  


    Quests: Regicide

    Skills: Level 42 Fletching, Level 44 Construction


    • 15000 Construction Experience
    • 5000 Fletching Experience
    • 30 teak planks
    • 2000 coins
    • Adamant Halberd
    • You now stop damaging your teammates when using the catapult in Castle Wars.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Items: Optional but handy teleports:

To Tyras camp -> Charter ship (from ports like Catherby, Brimhaven, or Port Sarim)
To Tyras camp -> A Teleport Crystal to Lletya.
To Dwarven Mines -> Combat Bracelet to the Monastery, Glory Amulet Teleport or Falador Teleport
To Port Sarim -> Falador Teleport tablet/runes, Glory Amulet teleport to Draynor, or Explorer Ring(3) to Cabbage Patch.

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