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Clockwork Syringe, A

Clockwork Syringe, A

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 2.5 hours


    Skills: 50 Dungeoneering, 61 Slayer, 62 Construction, 65 Summoning, 74 Smithing, 74 Thieving, 76 Defence
    Quests: Rocking Out.

    43 Prayer(Protection from Melee) recommended.


    - 1 Quest Point
    - 19,000 Defence XP
    - 18,000 Smithing XP
    - 18,000 Thieving XP
    - 15,000 Summoning XP
    - 11,250 Construction XP
    - 11,000 Slayer XP
    - 5,000 Dungeoneering XP
    - Access to the 'Rum'geon resource dungeon
    - A Pirate spell sheet for quick transportation between Mos Le'Harmless and Braindeath Island

    Quest Points:1

Tips, tricks & notes:

If you have completed As a First Resort... quest, you can use the Oo'glog pools before the fights.
If you have completed Seers Hard/Elite Tasks you can get an Enhanced Excalibur and use its special attack to heal 200 or 400 Life points.
You cannot boost your stats to start this quest!

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