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Darkness of Hallowvale

Darkness of Hallowvale

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 4 hours


    Quests: In Aid of the Myreque

    Skills: Level 5 Construction, Level 20 Mining, Level 22 Thieving, Level 26 Agility, Level 32 Crafting, Level 33 Magic, Level 40 Strength


    • 7000 Agility xp
    • 6000 Thieving xp
    • 2000 Construction xp
    • Tome of Experience, giving 2000 experience in any 3 skills over level 30.
    • Ability to play the Burgh De Rott Ramble mini game.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • To find the next obstacle or step through the town, try mousing the area - a spot showing "walk here/2 more options" usually has something to offer. You can also use your mouse and the mini-map to find gaps in the walls. If you look at the mini-map, you will see where the gaps in the building walls are. Each gap can have something done to it (a leap, a push, a crawl under, etc.). You can then use the right-click button on your mouse to see what your options are.
  • You will only be offered a trip to the mines by the Vyrewatch after you have entered Sector Six (the north east part of the town).
  • An alternative method of finding the Meiyerditch base, Chimney House, Secret lab, or other areas in sector six is to get yourself sent to the mines by the Vyrewatch. After mining 15 ores, placing them in the mine cart and asking for release, you will be in the most northern section of town. When you exit the mines you just head south, then southeast to find these familiar areas of the final sector.
  • Currently the Daeyalt ore from the Meiyerditch mines is non-tradeable. It is, however, bankable, but currently serves no purpose.
  • You can buy new Vyrewatch or shabby-looking Citizen clothing from Trader Sven in the southern part of town. Both clothing sets have a top, leggings, and boots. While the Vyrewatch clothing is fairly expensive (650gp for each piece), the shabby-looking Citizen clothes are dirt cheap (6gp for each piece). The Vyrewatch boots are also super high-heels for females.
  • Upstairs from the Fireplace/Portrait is a knife respawn.
  • The shortcut key can be placed on the keyring from the One Small Favour quest.
  • After the quest, you will have access to the Burgh De Rott Ramble Activity - a return trip in Temple Trekking, where you can bring mercenaries down to Burgh De Rott.
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