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Death of Chivalry, The

Death of Chivalry, The

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  • Time: 1.5 hours

    Required: None


    500 Strength Xp (obtained during the quest), 250 Magic Xp (obtained during the quest), 500 Xp Combat lamp, 250 Xp Prayer lamp, 4 knight titles, Black Knight Captain's armour, Sir Owen Sonde's shield, Skull of Remembrance, and and 2 free spins on the Squeal of Fortune.

    Quest Points: 3.

After the quest you can use the Skull of Remembrance to return to the crypt in the tomb and search the coffins to receive the following: 3,500 Xp Combat lamp (requires level 40 Strength and level 40 in the chosen skill). Gilded cabbage. Kick this 30 times to receive 10,000 bonus Prayer XP, doubling XP values while you train (requires 60 Strength). 60,000 Prayer Xp (requires level 80 Strength and 65 Prayer). Templar outfit. The ability to fight Dawn again by using the Skull on her body.
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