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Desert Treasure

Desert Treasure

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Tips, tricks & notes:

  • If you have a diamond in your inventory a level 95 Stranger may appear randomly and attack you with a ddp(++).
  • Use the recommended magic spells against certain enemies.
  • Never forget your prayer potions and anti-poison potions.
  • Running whilst attempting the pyramid may reduce the chance of falling into traps.
  • Use the best type of food you can if you want to stay alive.
  • Read the guide thoroughly and don't miss things, it's all important!
  • After finishing the quest, pray at the altar south of Azzanadra to change to Ancient Magicks (this will drain your prayer). The portal further south is the quest reward shortcut for easy access to the altar - a "back door" straight to the altar. It's a good idea to read the Ancient Magicks Guide for more information.
  • Following completion of the quest, Eblis will offer to sell a single Ancient Staff for 80,000 GP. Afterward, the staff is only obtainable through trade or by killing the Mummies within Azzanadra's pyramid and the Chaos Tunnels.
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