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Dream Mentor

Dream Mentor

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 2 hours


    Quests: Lunar Diplomacy and Eadgar's Ruse

    Skills: Level 85 Combat


    • 15,000 Hitpoints XP
    • 10,000 Magic XP
    • Experience Lamp
    • Extra Lunar Spells
    • Bank with 'Bird's-eye Jack' (only) without a seal

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • You can feed the fallen man a variety of foods, including chocolate bars, monkey nuts, and farming produce in addition to the typical fish and common healing foods.
  • If you have lost your Seal of passage you can get a new one from Brundt the Chieftain in Rellekka.
  • Change from regular to Astral spells by right clicking and praying on the Astral altar.
  • If you have low defence, you may need to carry food and armour around with you on Lunar Isle to protect from the Suqahs.
  • The experience lamp is worth 15,000 XP to constitution, defence, range, strength, or magic.
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