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Elder Kiln, the

Elder Kiln, the

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Quick Overview
  • Time:3 hours Required:
    75 Magic
    60 Agility
    41 Mining
    Must be able to defeat multiple enemies up to combat level 365.
    You will need a rune or dragon pickaxe.
    About 1M will be spent.
    100K XP lamp (for either attack, strength, defence, magic or ranged)
    50K magic XP, 30K agility XP
    A Tokkul-Zo and access to the Fight Kiln
    Quest points gained upon completion:2

The Elder Kiln is a quest focused on the origins of the TzHaar. A Return To Stone, a new lore released before the quest, introduces the theme. This quest is the first to feature an early bird bonus, where players who complete it within two weeks of the update (before 29 February 2012) receive double experience rewards. Perjour's journal makes references to the Firemaker's Curse ques.
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