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Elemental Workshop III

Elemental Workshop III

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Quick Overview
  • Time : 4 hours


    Quests: Elemental Workshop I, Elemental Workshop II

    Skills: Level 20 Mining, Level 33 Defence, Level 33 Smithing


    • 2,000 Smithing experience
    • Book of Knowledge
    • 50 Coal (noted)
    • Ability to make/equip Body Equipment

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • If you're having trouble solving the puzzles, consider using our Elemental Workshop III Puzzle Guide. It will guide you through the puzzles one step at a time.
  • After the quest, you can use the combination 4, 5, 4, B, C, 5, No Reset to make more primed body bars quickly as long as you do not reset. If you accidentally reset, you will need to redo puzzles 5 through 7 to get back to this stage.
  • The 'Book of Knowledge' quest reward can grant additional experience in Defence (8,500 XP) and Smithing (6,500 XP).
  • The sliding-mechanism puzzles in this quest are somewhat similar to the Treasure Trails Puzzles, albeit on a much larger scale.
  • The mechanism will NOT reset should you log out or leave the body room.
  • The Body equipment is tradeable and so can be purchased on the Grand Exchange; this may be a better option than making it for yourself, since creating Body bars requires completing the quest puzzle multiple times.
  • A Slashed book is required in order to create Body equipment.
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