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Fate of the Gods

Fate of the Gods

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  • Time: about 5 hours.

    Requirements: 79 Magic, 76 Slayer, 75 Divination, 73 Agility, 67 Summoning, decent combat stats (over 80 is recommended) and Missing, Presumed Death completion.

    Reward: 125K Magic XP, 100K Divination XP, 100K Slayer XP, 75K Agility XP, 50K Summoning XP, the Shard of Zaros, the ability to fight Bladed, Force and Throwing muspahs on The Cradle in Freneskae, and 2 free Treasure Hunter keys.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2.



During the quest you’ll talk to Zaros, (or what’s left of him), and decide for yourself if he is worthy to return to Gielinor. The quest itself is absolutely crammed with story, unearthing some of RuneScape’s best-kept secrets. You’ll face beings of divine power, challenging combat, tricky choices and cunning puzzles. On top of that, the environments you’ll have to cross are truly breathtaking, and are a real challenge to fully explore, especially if you intend to find all their secrets. The quest is also fully voice-acted and contains some great new tunes, so make sure everything is turned up to the max for this one. - from Behind the Scenes - March 2014

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