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Grand Tree, The

Grand Tree, The

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 2 hours


    Skills: 25 agility and be able to kill a black demon level 172. You can do this at any level but I advise you to wait until your magic or fighting or both skill(s) are above 40.


    • 18,400 Attack exp
    • 7,900 Agility exp
    • 2,150 Magic xp
    • Access the secret Grand Tree mine
    • Use the Gnome Gliders
    • Access to Grand Tree Spirit teleports

    Quest points gained upon completion: 5



The Grand Tree, which shelters the majority of RuneScape's small gnome population, is dying. Is it human sabotage or an inside job? Help King Shareen to find the true cause and save the tree gnomes from an uncertain fate. 

Upon completion of the quest, you unlock the ability to use the Gnome Glider transportation system. To use a gnome glider, talk to the Gnome pilot near a glider and select the destination you wish to fly to. Do note that you must first fly to Ta Quir Priw (Grand Tree). From there on, you may fly to any of the available locations. Sometimes, however you may crash and land short of where you were heading to.

Below is a list of the places you can fly to:

  • Ta Quir Priw - The Grand Tree
  • Lemantolly Undri - Western part of the Feldip Hills (requires completion of the One Small Favor quest)
  • Gandius - South of the Ship Yard on eastern Karamja
  • Kar-Hewo - Al Kharid
  • Lemanto Andra - West of the Digsite
  • Sindarpos - White Wolf Mountain
  • Crash Island - East of East of Ape Atoll (requires completion of the Monkey Madness quest)


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