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In Aid of the Myreque

In Aid of the Myreque

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 2.5 hours


    Quests: In Search of the Myreque and Nature Spirit.

    Skills: Level 15 Mining, 25 Crafting, 7 Magic, and the ability to kill a level 75 enemy that is resistant to most weapons.


    • 2,000 Attack, Defence, Strength, and Crafting experience
    • Access to the bank, furnace, general store, and other parts of Burgh de Rott
    • An equipable Gadderhammer weapon (which is especially effective on shades)
    • Ability to make the equipable Rod of Ivandis (10)
    • Ability to make and use Guthix Balance Potions
    • The ability to play the Temple Trekking mini-game
    • Ability to kill Vampire Juvinates and Juveniles
    • Song unlocked: Fangs for the Memory

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • The Rod of Ivandis has a special effect that can only be used on Vampire Juvinates or Juveniles (east of Burgh de Rott) that are at about 1/4 health. It will hold them in the air where you can then use a Guthix Balance potion on them. When the potion is used on them, they will either: turn human and give you a small gift of noted items; be killed; or be turned into full vampires that can be damaged (and killed) by normal weapons.
  • Guthix Balance potion is made by adding a restore pot to garlic and silver dust (which is a silver bar that's gone through the ectofuntus bone grinder).
  • You can find three cloves of garlic from a chest in the pubs cellar in Burgh De Rott. These can be used to make the Guthix Balance potions.
  • You can note the required items then sell them to Razmire the store owner in Mort'ton. Buy them back to get them unnoted. It saves room but costs a little extra money
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