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Kennith's Concerns

Kennith's Concerns

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 2 hours


    Quests: Slug Menace

    Skills: Level 46 Mining


    • 12,000 Mining XP
    • 5,000 Agility XP

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • In the tunnel, there is an agility shortcut that makes the walking back and forth much faster.
  • You can mine rubium and mix it with an unfinished guam potion to make super fishing explosive at 31 herblore. This is used to lure mogres and deals an additional 150 damage to the mogre.
  • You can also sell rubium to Ezekial, who will pay a "whopping" 10 gp for each ore you sell to him.
  • After the quest, Kennith's parents will ask you for random small items (hammer, knife, tinderbox, spade, rope, pot, leather boots, unlit candle, chisel, etc) and will reward you with 2 noted coal each time.
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