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King of the Dwarves

King of the Dwarves

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 3 hours


    Skill: 68 Mining, 70 Smithing, 77 Strength

    Quests: Forgiveness ofa Chaos Dwarf, My Arm's Big Adventure

    - 2 Quest Points
    - 45,000 Mining XP
    - 50,000 Smithing XP
    - 55,000 Strength XP
    - New Royal dwarven gravestone available from Blasidar the sculptor (lasts 15 minutes and costs 500,000 coins)


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • The rocks which can be mined have a slightly lighter color. Looking closely will make it easy to see the path.
  • The most convenient furnace to use is the one in Edgeville. After you have teleported to Edgeville you can run to the furnace and, after making the keys, continue on to the Grand Exchange where you can take a mine cart right back to Keldagrim.
  • If your Strength level is 90, you will get to keep the 'Big rock', which you can lift up anywhere in RuneScape.
  • You cannot boost your stats to start this quest
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