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Legacy of Seergaze (Myreque Part 4)

Legacy of Seergaze (Myreque Part 4)

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 4 hours


    Quests: Darkness of Hallowvale

    Skills: Level 20 Construction, Level 29 Agility, Level 31 Slayer, Level 35 Mining, Level 40 Firemaking, Level 47 Crafting, Level 49 Magic


    • 3000 Magic Experience
    • 2000 Agility Experience
    • 4000 Crafting Experience
    • 2000 Mining Experience
    • 2000 Slayer Experience
    • 1000 Construction Experience
    • Tome of XP - Worth 2500 Experience to each of three skills of your choice
    • Ivandis flail
    • Blood Talisman
    • Paterdomus Columbarium rewards (Vyrewatch cremating)
    • New 'Vyrewatch' event in Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble mini game

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • To more easily fight the bodyguards, you can use either Salamanders, (which have each combat style available) or a charged Dragonfire Shield (which has a special attack that deals magic damage).
  • World 88 is commonly used for building the Mort'ton Temple - if you need to bless some oil, it would be wise to try there for an already-constructed temple.
  • When going through the maze that is Hallowvale, it is actually more efficient to be caught by the Vyrewatch and mine 15 ores to escape - the exit places you very close to the entrance to the hideout. Ask an NPC for a spare pickaxe.
  • At the quest end you obtain a blood talisman. If you have 77 runecrafting you can craft blood runes. You can enter the altar via the Abyss or you can use the talisman on those interesting skull shaped rocks you found in the new dungeon where you were attacked by the Vyrewatch.
  • If you continue to cremate vyre corpses (for 80xp prayer each plus pyre log firemaking xp), your progress is charted in the book on the nearby lectern. Every 50 seems to increase your max hit with the Ivandis flail, up to 500 cremations.
  • The skill you choose to use the Tome of XP on must be at least level 35.
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