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love story

love story

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Quick Overview
  • Time:3 hours


    Quests: Swan Song, Recipe for Disaster -- Sir Amik Varze

    Skills: 77 Magic, 68 Construction, 68 Smithing, 67 Crafting, ability to fight a level 246 mage


    • 50,000 Construction XP
    • 50,000 Magic XP
    • 40,000 Smithing XP
    • 40,000 Crafting XP
    • 30,000 GP
    • Up to 99 Teleport to House teletabs
    • Ability to alter House Teletabs to go to different Player-Owned House Portals
    • Dark Stone house decorating style, 25% discount for employing servants, and ability to build Pit rooms in your Player-Owned House
    • Returning Mabel's Ring to Mabel will earn you a lamp worth 10k XP in any skill over 60
    • Cutting the tree next to Draynor bank with the banker in it yields a reward of 5000 coins

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • You can beat the quest with a construction level lower than 68 by using methods such as Spicy stew or drinking Tea prior to leaving your house to boost your construction level to 68, however you must move fast as the boost fades quickly.
  • Before heading into the Wise Old Man's House, you may use the Customs Locker south of Rimmington after the completion of Rocking Out to bank any valuables or unnecessary items. Players who did not complete Rocking Out may also access the bank deposit box in the nearby Port Sarim by the Entrana Monks.
  • If you log out, you will log in inside the house where you left off, as opposed to outside the house portal. This means you can freely log out or make a bank trip since your progress is saved.
  • Using a weapon that can attack from 2 spaces such as the halberd or spear can be advantageous in your final fight.
  • You CAN use the Explorer's Ring 3 or 4 cabbage patch teleport when escorting the Wise Old Man from Draynor to Rimmington.
  • After the quest, you can travel to East Keladgrim (using the Grand Exchange mine cart would be the easiest option.) and talk a dwarf called Runvastr north-east of the Laughing Miner pub. He will give you a diary, which you can bring to the Wise Old Man in Draynor who will teach you how to chip House tablets into Trollheim Tablets.
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