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Missing My Mummy

Missing My Mummy

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 2 hours


    Quests: Prince Ali Rescue, The Golem, Icthlarin's Little Helper
    Level 35 Cooking, Level 35 Construction, Level 35 Crafting, Level 35 Magic, Level 35 Prayer


    • 5,000 coins
    • 7,000 Hitpoints XP

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • You receive a total of 6,500 Prayer XP for repairing all of the destroyed statues.
  • You receive a total of 2,100 Construction XP for repairing the table and chair.
  • You receive a total of 5,000 Magic XP for killing all the Shadows.
  • You receive a total of 3,350 Crafting XP from creating the willow statue and completely carving it.
  • You receive 2,100 Cooking XP for putting the Pot of grain in place.
  • After you have finished repairing all destroyed statues you can pray at them to restore your prayer. If you pray at the Amascut statue your Prayer level will be boosted anywhere from 1 to 4 levels, but by doing so you will lose some LP. The amount of damage is random but no damage is over 200 LP.

After completing the quest, you can continue to add to the percentage of the Queen's completion until you reach 100%. This completion is a mini-quest in itself.

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