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Nomad's Requiem

Nomad's Requiem

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 2-3 Hours


    Quests: King's Ransom, including the additional Knight Waves

    Skills: Level 75 Magic, Level 70 Prayer, Level 66 Mining, Level 65 Hunter, Level 60 Construction(80+ defence , 80+ranging and 67+ summoning are recommended.

    Additional Requirements: Completed the Soul Wars Tutorial, Completed at least one game of Soul Wars

  • Bring food for the majority of the quest.
  • If you die, you will respawn at Soul Wars, with your grave nearby.
  • If you log off before finishing a puzzle, that puzzle will reset and any attendants you've killed will reappear. You will be at Soul Wars when you next log in.
  • If you stay too long behind a pillar, Nomad teleports away and FULLY restores his life points, no matter what stage of the battle you are in. You also cannot use the door or teleports to escape.
  • You can leave Nomad by hiding behind a pillar and then logging out. At your next login you will be at Soul Wars.
  • Before battle, summon a beast of burden, and store Rocktails or Saradomin brews and Super restores inside. Nomad is said to be weak to stab and ranged, so either a Zamorakian spear or Rune crossbow with Diamond bolts are advised (both with Black dragonhide or Karil's armour for defence). A typical inventory for battle should contain either Saradomin brews and Super restores (at a 3:1Brew:Restore ratio) or Rocktails and Prayer potions (3 potions should do.)
  • His first special attack will drop red, bomb-like objects all around, and Nomad will start charging up to shoot a very powerful attack at you. 
  • Wait a few seconds, then run south, outside the circle of bombs. Be sure not to step on any bombs, as each will deal 400 damage. 
  • Run to either side and hide behind a pillar. Nomad will run after you and it is safe to attack him for a few seconds. He will then teleport to his throne and scream "You cannot hide from my wrath" and shoot a charged ball in your direction. You'll have about 5 seconds to get back behind a pillar again. If not blocked by the pillar, this will do 750 damage.
  • After Nomad shoots he will run up to you to attack and the bombs will slowly blow up. Only after they explode is it safe to go near that area again.
  • His second special, while not as dangerous, can still be a threat. He will scream "Let's see how well your senses serve you" and split into four clones of himself, and only one of them is the real one. They will all be attacking you for 50-100 damage. To end this attack you must find the real Nomad, which can be easily discovered as the clone that attacks last among the four. If you cannot tell which one attacks last, another method is to attack each Nomad until you hit the real Nomad. When you hit the clones, they will disappear. A fast weapon is recommended for this. Either way, when you attack the real Nomad, all the clones will disappear.
  • His third special will freeze you with ice barrage, then start to charge up. While you are frozen you can use range to do some damage. His next attack, while it looks like the first charge attack, will inflict one less than your maximum life points (a sure kill if you are below your maximum). This makes Saradomin brews almost imperative. After his attack, he will give you some time to heal before he starts attacking again. 
  • Once you get Nomad down to about 1/4 of his life points, he will heal to 1/2 of his LP, and continue the fight. This will only happen once throughout the battle. 
  • After you get him down to 1/4 of his life points again, he will shout "This ends now!" and begin rapidly attacking you with melee (throwing knife speed, hits 200s-300s). This is much more dangerous than his normal magic attack! Pay close attention to your life points, keeping it above at least 400 LP.
  • One strategy is to run behind a pillar and employ a "hit and run" strategy, allowing Nomad to only strike once per melee hit (instead of the 3 or so per returned hit normally). Be careful, however, as staying behind a pillar too long will result in Nomad screaming "Coward!" and restoring all of his life points. 

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