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One Piercing Note

One Piercing Note

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 2 hours
    Need nothing for this quest.
    Citharede robe set
    250 Prayer XP
    Troubadour Dance emote
    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


One Piercing Noteis a novice quest which continues from the legend described in the story of The Song From Before The War. The theme of the quest is that of a murder mystery, specifically uncovering the motives of the murder. The quest is the first one to be fully voiced and contains an extensive amount of audio.
The ability to recharge 33 Prayer points per tick while listening to a Musician(when wearing all 4 Citharede robe-pieces).
Ability to make Illuminated god books(with a requirement of level 60 Prayer and Crafting)
The first time an Illuminated god book is made, you will receive 10,000 experience in both Prayer and Crafting, per type of (completed) god book. (Making a total experience reward possible of 60,000 in both Prayer and Crafting.)
The ability to obtain Saint Elspeth's Holy Cithara from the Reliquary beneath the Abbey and gain an additional 50,000 Prayer experience. To obtain the Holy Cithara a player must wear a variety of equipment and meet certain "Holy" requirements: Equip a Ring of visibility + Ghostspeak amulet/Cramulet, and 6 pieces of Saradomin Equipment.

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