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Path of Glouphrie, The

Path of Glouphrie, The

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 3 hours


    Quests: Eyes of Glouphrie, Waterfall Quest

    Skills: Level 45 Agility, Level 47 Ranged, Level 60 Strength, Level 56 Slayer, Level 56 Thieving


    • 5,000 Magic Experience
    • 30,000 Strength Experience
    • 20,000 Slayer Experience
    • 5,000 Thieving Experience
    • Access to the Sewer Slayer Dungeon
    • Ability to use the new Spirit Tree "Mountains east of poison waste" and the ability to transport between any Spirit tree without having to use the Gnome Stronghold or Tree Gnome Village as a hub

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Tips, tricks & notes:

  • If you take Tangled toads' legs to Longramble, he'll give you a mint cake. This is optional. The mint cake restores 100% of your run energy, which might be helpful when traversing the dungeon.
  • You can turn your crystal saw into crystal chimes prior to going to the tree, saving you a trip.
  • You can use a Bandit's Brew to meet the 56 Thieving requirement, if you have 55 thieving.
  • If you lose your Small crystal seed/saw or chimes, you can obtain another by visiting Brimstail in the Gnome Stronghold and choosing the option, "Just want to chat".
  • If you want change your Crystal chimes back into a Crystal saw use them on the singing bowl in Brimstail's cave located in the Grand Tree Stronghold
  • You can use the Spirit Tree at the Poison Waste after you restore it to full health.
  • If you have started the Tree Gnome Village quest and have not finished it, you must do so before you can start this quest.
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